Ferns Church - Stained Glass Windows

Scroll down to find brief descriptions of the beautiful stained glass windows in St. Aidan's Parish Church, starting from the left of the main entrance.
The stained glass was designed by Lua Breen, Howth.
The concept is of evolution or journey, through time or Religion.
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Pictorial Window

Depicting St. Aidan bidding farewell to St. David in Wales.

Window 1

The emergence of life from the seed - the joy of new Creation.

Window 2

Symbols of Pain, Fertility & Birth, ascending to the spinning wheel of Fortune.

Window 3 (Corner)

God's intervention into man's life - the pomegranate (the seed) from which grows the special religion of the Jews. Also included are the Mosaic tablets on left & right representing Law.

Window 4

The Mystery of God - The Closed Eye, surrounded by sun bursts, the Old Testament Faith, from the central flame Faith grows. The Menorah, the lampstand, according to the bible, used in the sanctuary set up by Moses in the wilderness. The Alpha and Omega, God as the first and the last, the beginning and the end, God is eternal. Fish as the symbol of the Christian faith. A triangle representing the Holy Trinity.

Window 5

The pascal flame from the sacred fire, representing the light of Christ coming into the world, a symbol of light dispelling the darkness. The growth of the New Testament, through the Trinity.

Window 6 – To left of Altar

Struggle with the evil powers for Man's Salvation: the seven-headed Dragon of the Apocalypse is cast out of Heaven.

Window 7 – To right of Altar

The struggle with evil in the world, represented by the Crown of Thorns.

Window 8

A time when true concepts are born; a period of quiet and reflection.

Window 9

The struggle with indifference - the intrusions into the triangular form in the middle.

Window 10 (Corner)

The maturity of a life lived in Faith.

Window 11

Redemption, as expressed by angels assisting in the Ascension.

Window 12

Journey's end, the new and Heavenly City of Jerusalem, to which we all aspire.

Pictorial Window

Depicting Diarmaid Mac Murchadha, King of Leinster, donating lands to St. Aidan, in order to establish a monastery.